Step into Spring with our latest haul of new gems

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I've been really bad with newsletters recently, what with the home-schooling and so on, it's been all I can do to get the orders turned around. But, kids are back at school and great timing, I have just listed a pirate's chest of gems! I've got some completely new lines, such as yellow and grey diamond, rainbow moonstone brilliant cuts, Santa Maria aquamarine, as well as restocks of labradorite, amethyst, citrine and , as they say in advertising-speak, much, much more. Details below. This months offer is 10% off all stock for newsletter suscribers, use code GEMSOFSPRING


Yes, Brexit and Covid; a match made in hell. This seems to have settled down. We did have some little glitches at the beginning of the year where I was unable to generate postage for certain locations, but these issues appear to have been ironed out and as far as I am aware,there is nowhere I usually ship to that I can't ship to anymore. Shipping delays in January were due to a combination of Brexit and Covid as so many of our postal workers were unwell that the service was pretty compromised for a while, but as the vaccination program has ramped up and infection levels have fallen, that has also settled down. So fingers crossed, we appear to be back to normal. So on wiith the show!


Inspired by Pantone's rather uninspring colour choice this year, I came up with grey and yellow diamond! I'm excited because I haven't stocked diamonds in these colours before and they are really eye-catching. Opaque, but with the glittering adularescence you get from a diamond, the yellow ones are a good saturated colour and the grey ones are just really sleak. Opaque diamond is by definition more included than transparent, and so you will get the odd pit and chip on the stones - it's just the nature of the beast. I have both colours in a 2mm, 3mm and 4mm rose cut.


This was so popular when I introduced it last time that I have restocked the larger sizes. I have 5mm rose cuts in two colours; a lighter and a darker and 6mm in the darker. This really is lovely material and as aquamarine can get so light in smaller sizes, this is great as it remains really saturated.


How would you describe the colour of an apatite? Electric blue? Neon blue? Swimming pool blue? (I read that last one somewhere and am quite taken with it). It really is a colour like no other and after been out of stock for ages, I now have new stocks of 3mm, 4mm and 5mm rose cuts. Apatite does not tend to form particularly large crystals and so it's hard to find in larger sizes. I have good stocks of the3mm and 4mm and fewer of the 5mm. If you haven't worked with it before, it is a little soft so it does need quite careful handling. 


This month's offer is 10% off all orders for newsletter subscribers. Just enter the code below at checkout. It's valid until the end of the month*



Yes another stone that is always popular and which I have been running rather low on. I have restocks of all the most popular sizes and cuts: 4mm, 5mm and 6mm cabochons and rose cut as well as 7x5mm ovals. I try to stock nice quality, which isn't always easy to find, and so whilst I  have good stocks of the 4mm and 5mm, I have relatively low numbers of the 6mm. A labradorite without flash is like a broken pencil, in my view, so I've got here the material I ususally have with the pale, translucent body-colour and the dazzling flash.


Bright, sunshine-y citrine, how Spring-appropriate to restock this month! I've got back in stock 4mm cabochons and rose cuts and 6mm rose cuts. The material we have cut is a deep yellow, which I just think is nicer than the paler, especially when you cut smaller stones as the colour can get really light. Anyway, these are lovely golden stones, like drops of liquid sunshine. Fill your boots.


I'm plugging a hole in my inventory with these. That is, when I 'excitedly 'saw that Pantone had chosen grey as one of its colours of the year, I had a look at my grey moonstone and realised I had neither 6mm cabohcons nor 10mm rose cuts. Both pretty basic stones. So here they are. The grey leans a bit brownish rather than bluish, and most stones have a glowing chatoyancy. The specks of dust you can see on the 10mm stones are from the packaging they come in - each stone individually wrapped in a little scrap of tissue.


Iolite is one of those stones that sells in flurries. It will be ticking over quietly and then all of a sudden it's as if a bunch of people have got together and decided they're all going to buy iolite. I don't actually know why it isn't more popular in general, as it is such a fascinating stone with such a subtle indigo colour. Anyway, a recent flurry took me out of stock of a number of sizes, so here we have 3mm and 4mm cabochons and rose cuts. Actually I've never stock 3mm rose cut iolite before, so it is another inventory hole-filler.


All of these are gorgeous - I did want to stock nicer quality ruby cabs and it's a bit difficult to source the rough at the moment but I do have  a few very nice ones with some translucency and nice deep red-pink colour. Tsavorite is my all-time favourite green stone and the black spinel and turquoise I've been out of for a while. Lovely misty prehnite, nice quality without those scuffy white inernal fractures. I realise I've left off 4mm smoky quartz rose cuts - you can click the link for these or find them in my new stones section.


offer ends 23.59 Wednesday March 31st. One offer per customer, cannot be combined with any other offer.