We've got a treasure trove of new gems just in time for Christmas!

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Finally it's here; my big, phenomenal re-stock, by which I mean both that it is amazing and astonishing, but also that it is full of stones like rainbow moonstone, opal and labradorite! I have rainbow moonstone in new shapes and cuts - pears and oval rose cuts; I have restocks and new lines on milky aquamarine and I have entirely new stones like zircon (not to be confused with CZ) and sublime, high grade kyanite. I even have a  few diamonds, very awesomely priced and a complete restock of lapis lazuli. So dive in and have a little pre=Christmas browse through something sparkly!

This restock has been a long time coming and I apologise to all those who have been waiting a long time for specific stones. It has mainly been the time it's taken to get the business properly set up and sorted with new import regulations and so on. It's taken longer than usual to sort because of the Covid situation and everything moving much more slowly.  And then when it did arrive, there was so much of it it has taken over a week to get it all sorted and listed! I still haven't finished - watch out next week for Santa Maria aquamarine and 'blue-green chalcedony' uniques!

It's been one heck of a year. I'd like to wish all of my customers the best holiday season that is possible in the circumstances and let's all hope for a better 2021.


Obviously this situation is still rather fluid. There is still much uncertainty as to what will happen after December 21st. For my part I have done what I can. As far as I am aware there will be no extra duty or regulations applied to the trade in gemstones, and I have set up the processes I need to be able to continue shipping to the EU after December 31st. Alternatively, EU shoppers, stock up now to tide yourselves over until the situation becomes clearer.

To help with this, this month's offer is a free ship, with an automatic upgrade to tracked for all orders over $50


My stocks of this have been severely depleted and I have sold out of many sizes so I am delighted to have back in stock 3-6mm in cabochons and rose cuts. There is increasing scarcity of this stone in the higher grades and so the highest I have is now AA, which as you can see is good clarity with excellent flash! Ever-popular 3mm and 4mm rose cuts are back, as well as 5mm rose cuts. I have been trying to sort out a reasonably priced 6mm option and I have restocked the AB grade, which is pretty included but still has flash as well as A grade which is a definite step up - both in terms of quality and price but which is a well-priced option offering good flash at a reasonable price. Entirely new are ovals - 3x4mm and 6x4mm rose cut in AA grade, with some really interesting colours - look at that red! Plus some lovely 4mm brilliant cuts, which are just stunning and have been really popular in the past.


I have been out of stock of all sizes of this, except some pears, for months! So I am so glad to have back 3mm, 4mm and 5mm rose cuts. In addition to this, I have never stock plain cabochons before, but I have them now, in 3-5mm as well. Gorgeous Ethiopian material - I know some people turn their noses up at it, but the Australian white opal usually comes up so flat that you can't easily rose cut it and actually I love this stuff, with the other-worldly flash that hangs suspended in the stone, like the Northern Lights. One of the complaints that I have had about this material in the past is that it can be rather yellowish - we have minimised this to ensure a whiter body-colour for these stones.


This is a stone that is increasing in popularity; the lovely, pale blue colour and the fact that aquamarine takes a really good polish makes it a really lovely stone to work with. I have increased my range with some rose cut ovals in 3x4mm and 6x4mm as well as restocking 6mm rose cuts. I now have these in two grades, lighter with more inclusions and a bit darker. Colour is good, more blue than green although it's quite hard to capture. I also have a very few Santa Maria aquamarines, which I will be listing probably after Christmas now, which are a gorgeous deep blue colour.


This month's offer is a free shipping offer. From now until the end of the month*  there is free shipping. For orders over $50 there is a free automatic upgrade to tracked (Special Delivery for UK orders; International Tracked for International orders) Use this code at checkout. Select standard shipping, the upgrade will be done automatically at my end.



I've been planning to stock this for ages, but it just always seemed to get bumped off my list. Well, here it is and it is stunning; deep, saturated azure blue kyanite. You can see the striation lines in some of the stones, which is so characteristic of the stone, but this is sometimes used as a sapphire substitute and it's easy to see why. I have good stocks of the 3mm, 4mm and 3x4mm ovals and fewer of the larger sizes, but it they are popular I will try to get more.


It is surprising how few people have heard of this stone and assume you are talking about Cubic Zirconia. To clarify, CZ is synthetic, specifically designed as a diamond substitute. Zircon, however, is a natural stone and a very interesting one at that. It is in fact, very brilliant and has tremendous fire, so it's a really lively, sparkly stone. You can get it in a few colours, but I have a sort of warm, peachy-brown colour in rose cuts 2m, 3mm and 4mm.


My tourmaline stocks have also sunk a bit - this month I have renewed pink tourmaline in 4mm cabochons. You can choose from pink or orange pink, light or dark, or opt for bright pink. These are pretty saturated stones in general, I struggled to get them to behave when photographing to stop them looking too 'hot'. 


Always popular, I have been out of all sizes except 8mm. Now I've got them all back; 3mm-6mm. I'm always suprised at what a good polish you get with lapis, and these are lovely deep blue with good sprinklings of gold pyrite.


I can't quite believe I'm listing diamonds in my 'extras' section, but it tells you how much new stock I've got to try and squeeze it in somewhere! Also gorgeous rutile quartz, ever-popular rhodolite and London Blue. I'll be doing a big London Blue restock in the new year so look out for that!


offer ends 23.59 December 31st,